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"One can turn to one of the fancy big firms, and be treated as one in the crowd, or one can turn to a small firm run by heart and with their customers in mind. I turned to Penny Lane Communication for the first time a few years ago. I had high expectations on creativity, result and attention. They exceeded my expectations. By far! This firm is run by highly experienced people with a vast network of experts. Hence, they are not weighted by heavy administration that adds up on your bill, and as a customer you receive what the big firms would deliver (or better) but with a friendly and personal touch. Highly recommendable!"

Marie Gladare, Scanreco

"We contacted Penny Lane at the end of June since we needed help to give more visibility to our newly opened ice cream shop. In only one month our sales increased 100% and in two months 200%. Thank you Penny Lane for your incredible job!"

Roberta and Matteo, DolceCrema

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